Thursday, April 29, 2010

one last time...

I am amazed that 2 years has gone by here. We've been on our own(not living with family)in university housing and we've made it 2 years! This apartment has a bunch of great memories. I can remember the first time I walked in the door, watching Aniston learn to crawl and walk in our living room, Chris exercising and taking a chunk out of the ceiling with his hand, and a few moments that have been learning and growing experiences for our family. I was worried the place would be awful when we first decided to apply, but it has only a few moments of awfulness with so many more great moments that have made it worth it. Our time in this apartment has been filled with laughs, happiness, sadness, milestones, struggles, adventure, and change. Although we will be moving into a bigger, better place(I think) that I know will bring more great memories, I can't help but be sad to leave a place that has so many great memories. Here are a few shots of our last moments in "our first place"...

She's always got her hands full and she's always lookin' cute!

This girl loves shoes, we've taught her well!!

And this is our mess, the part of moving that I hate most!

Goodbye purple carpet, cinder block walls, linoleum floors, pedestal sink, travel trailer stove, and mold. We will miss you; except the mold!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Aniston hasn't had anything negative to say about moving.
She loves all the boxes, putting things in them, and siting on them to eat.
I on the other hand, have a million negative things to say about moving.
I don't keep things unless they are a necessity.
So, everything we have(except some of Chris' stuff) must be boxed up.
I wish I had a magic wand....

We had to take a break from packing and eat a cool treat.
We made "Zefronkcicles" (Disney Chanel).

I love this!
I wish my camera ahd more recording time.
Aniston has always really loved this song.
Our new apartment will have better lighting, I hope.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Aniston has learned how to "fix" our backs and then she gets a little carried away as you can tell. One day she was helping Chris review for his first aid test and was totally getting into the act(she watched me first, and I am a professional actress just in case you didn't know). Chris was asking her what hurt, and she rolled over on her tummy and said her back hurt and asked him to "fix it".

Check out this hot little lady! I love these shirts...thanks Megan!

Check out her pink slippers. She wears them ALL the time now. She got them for Christmas, but has wanted nothing to do with them until recently.

Aniston LOVES to wear gloves, and gets these out EVERY DAY!! Notice the slippers too, she has them on ALL the time and she can put them on all by herself!

I was downloading some pictures off my camera and saw this one. It made me ill for two reasons:
one: my baby is growing up way to fast. Since when did TWO YEARS fly by so fast?!
two: the mess of MOVING!!! We are so excited for our new place, but man oh man do I DESPISE EVERYTHING about's such a pain and makes such a BIG mess!!

Two funnies from Aniston...
"I know sweetheart, I know". Started saying this to Chris and I over and over again yesterday. Cracks me up!

Chris and I were having a disagreement per-say(no, we weren't fighting, we don't do that), and Aniston was in her room. She yelled out and said " Chris, you doin' ok out there, "everyhing" ok?".
Love her!!

taking up the kitchen!

This meal literally took over our small kitchen, but it was worth the mess! I found this recipe on a blog and decided I was going to attempt it. It was an expensive one, but the taste really paid off. It got pretty intense when I attempted my first rue(I think that's how you spell it) sauce, but it turned out...scariest thing I've made in the kitchen thus far! Chris was amazing putting up with my demands right and left, cutting up most of the ingredients, and attempting to calm me down during the rue making process. We found out this wasn't a meal that could be made by just one person, it took us both to accomplish this delicious feast!
So here's a picture of our dinner last night...yum!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

sweet little thing...

I am writing these down for myself so I remember them...our little baby is a funny little thing, with lots of cute things to say...

Aniston said to Chris(her "sweetheart")
"Daddy I will marry you and give you roses",
Chris: "you can't marry me, Mommy already did".
Aniston: "I will marry Mommy and give her roses."
Chris: "Mommy married me, so you can't",
Aniston: "I'll marry a boy and give him roses".
She told me a few days before this conversation with Chris:
"I love you so very much. I want to dance with you and I give you some roses", she's a sweetheart!
I love the things she comes up with, and I love her!

I took her to my friend Lindsey's house to play with her little boy Colton while I went to a work meeting. When I dropped her off she didn't even hesitate, just went inside and started playing. I was glad, but at the same time a little worried that she might freak out when she found out I wasn't there. BUT...Lindsey said a few minutes after I left Aniston asked where I was and was upset at the fact that I had taken "her car". When I came to pick Aniston up I knew she was having a great time because she was outside; she LOVES to be outside, and don't we all when it's nice and sunny. She was glad to see that I had brought the car back, and while Lindsey and I caught up on each other's lives the two kids continued to play. Aniston had played with chalk, bubbles, balls, and all the other fun toys Colton has, but wouldn't slide on the dirt hill with Colton because she didn't want to get durty...guess I shold probably stop telling her not to be messy and let her be a kid. When it was time to go, I went to pick Aniston up and she ran away from me, tripped on the sidewalk, saw me coming and instead of getting up to try and run from me, she CRAWLED away from me as fast as she could! Guess she really didn't want to leave?! I had to talk her into coming home with me, and as we drove away she asked if she could play with Colton's toys and go to his house again. I told her we could play there soon. Then she said, as she was pointing to Lindsey's house, "I want to live at "nat" house." Don't we all have much more fun at other people's houses with their toys!!

Some other things about our little baby...
loves "smoodies" even the green ones!
freakes out when clothes are to tight, small, or fit funny
is potty trianed!!! but she's still our baby, so we have to help her wipe and wash
loves "credibles"
can draw a head, eyes, mouth, and hair
still doesn't like her hair done
plays and twists her hair when she is tired(always has and hope she always will)
loves her "sofe" balnket, the one Grandma Cecile gave her for Christmas.

funny things she has said recently:
"i just can't go to work tonight and take care of the babies"- i don't think i've said this before, but maybe i have?!
"you just can't leave me here"- she says this to whomever is "leaving" her, always makes us really, really sad.
"i made you some "pala tea"-?
"you just gotta get you game on"-?
"yellow"- yea! she can say it right, she's been practicing!
"hum"- she's been learning the names of each finger but "th" is a hard sound, so thumb is "hum", sounds so cute!

Look at that cute face...she makes life great and worth the ride(Uncle Stefen is pretty cute too!)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

green smoothie where have you been all my life?!

I have seen this recipe on a few blogs and heard about it from some friends, but it never really did appeal to me because how can a green smoothie that contains spinach taste good? IT'S AMAZING!!! I've never had such a yummy smoothie!
So here is the recipe I got, and then I'll also give you my "recipe" because I didn't have the exact ingredients:

Green Smoothie
2 cups chocolate soy milk
1 banana
2-3 TBSP organic peanut butter
lots of spinach(4 handfuls)

my version of the Green Smoothie
2 cups 1% milk
4 TBSP chocolate Nesquik- I'm lovin' this stuff because Aniston LOVES chocolate milk, and so using this stuff makes it much cheaper.
1 banana
2 spoonfuls peanut butter(I LOVE low fat peanut butter, so if I had some of that I would have used it)
4 handfuls spinach
ice- 9 cubes to be exact
and I took my vitamin with the smoothie just throw all these ingredients in the blender, and blend away. Mine came out smooth and more on the thin side, which is just how I like it(I'm not a fan of thick smoothies). The recipe made enough for me to fill my cup to the top, Aniston's cup to the top, and then top off my cup after I drank some. I bet it would be enough for Chris, Aniston, and I if I could stand to share. I had it for lunch today about 1pm and wasn't hungry until about 6pm, my kind of smoothie!! I'm havin' one for breakfast in the morning, and every morning after that!

Aniston kept saying how yummy her smoothie was and then she went into her room and made more smoothies in her kitchen!
Check out my HUGE cup(don't judge, it's a pretty healthy smoothie)! You would never guess this was good by looking at it.

happy boy

this is my happy boy, along with my happy girl. give him a new bike, and he's in heaven. chris has an obsession with biking and a job that gives him easy access to bikes and all that comes with them. i'm glad he's obsessed, i just wish i didn't have to share my room with them! good thing our new apartment has a space for them! can't wait to move, just hate the actual act of moving.

the "happiest place on earth"

This easter we headed down to Orderville with my family. I told Aniston on the way that she needed to be happy in order to go to Orderville(she was a little grumpy) because Orderville is a "happy place". I meant what I said; it is a happy place. So, while we were in the "happiest place on earth", as my sister and I termed it on the car ride down, we:

Colored Easter eggs with Bruce and Bonny's two youngest girls. Aniston was happy to have some company, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of their visit!
Rode the mini 4-wheelers, something that always makes us happy! Aniston was very unsure at first, but after a few times around the house, she had a perma-grin AND said "weeeeee" non-stop!
Chris and I took Aniston to the school to play on the swings and playground. We tried to stay out of a family Easter party, but we have a very friendly daughter. The lucky girl got a kite AND and egg full of candy, as well as the gum removed from her hair and a few pushes on the swings. Aniston was one happy girl! She was so proud of herself for flying the kite!
Chris helped Aniston get the kite a little higher. You should have heard the giggles and squeals that girl was letting out as the kite went higher and higher!
If there's a swing, this girl is happy and content!
These roller skates have been in Orderville since I can remember. Aniston was so excited to "skate" and Chris had her cruisin' the place like a wild animal!
Easter morning Aniston woke up and spotted a few eggs the Easter Bunny hid while she was on her way to the bathroom. She couldn't wait to go get them, and she went crazy when she saw her Easter basket! After morning Conference, Aniston found the rest of the eggs the Easter Bunny had left her.
Aniston was drawing portraits on the way home from Orderville, and I had to snap a shot of her drawing away! She has the circle/head, eyes, and mouth down!