Saturday, April 10, 2010

sweet little thing...

I am writing these down for myself so I remember them...our little baby is a funny little thing, with lots of cute things to say...

Aniston said to Chris(her "sweetheart")
"Daddy I will marry you and give you roses",
Chris: "you can't marry me, Mommy already did".
Aniston: "I will marry Mommy and give her roses."
Chris: "Mommy married me, so you can't",
Aniston: "I'll marry a boy and give him roses".
She told me a few days before this conversation with Chris:
"I love you so very much. I want to dance with you and I give you some roses", she's a sweetheart!
I love the things she comes up with, and I love her!

I took her to my friend Lindsey's house to play with her little boy Colton while I went to a work meeting. When I dropped her off she didn't even hesitate, just went inside and started playing. I was glad, but at the same time a little worried that she might freak out when she found out I wasn't there. BUT...Lindsey said a few minutes after I left Aniston asked where I was and was upset at the fact that I had taken "her car". When I came to pick Aniston up I knew she was having a great time because she was outside; she LOVES to be outside, and don't we all when it's nice and sunny. She was glad to see that I had brought the car back, and while Lindsey and I caught up on each other's lives the two kids continued to play. Aniston had played with chalk, bubbles, balls, and all the other fun toys Colton has, but wouldn't slide on the dirt hill with Colton because she didn't want to get durty...guess I shold probably stop telling her not to be messy and let her be a kid. When it was time to go, I went to pick Aniston up and she ran away from me, tripped on the sidewalk, saw me coming and instead of getting up to try and run from me, she CRAWLED away from me as fast as she could! Guess she really didn't want to leave?! I had to talk her into coming home with me, and as we drove away she asked if she could play with Colton's toys and go to his house again. I told her we could play there soon. Then she said, as she was pointing to Lindsey's house, "I want to live at "nat" house." Don't we all have much more fun at other people's houses with their toys!!

Some other things about our little baby...
loves "smoodies" even the green ones!
freakes out when clothes are to tight, small, or fit funny
is potty trianed!!! but she's still our baby, so we have to help her wipe and wash
loves "credibles"
can draw a head, eyes, mouth, and hair
still doesn't like her hair done
plays and twists her hair when she is tired(always has and hope she always will)
loves her "sofe" balnket, the one Grandma Cecile gave her for Christmas.

funny things she has said recently:
"i just can't go to work tonight and take care of the babies"- i don't think i've said this before, but maybe i have?!
"you just can't leave me here"- she says this to whomever is "leaving" her, always makes us really, really sad.
"i made you some "pala tea"-?
"you just gotta get you game on"-?
"yellow"- yea! she can say it right, she's been practicing!
"hum"- she's been learning the names of each finger but "th" is a hard sound, so thumb is "hum", sounds so cute!

Look at that cute face...she makes life great and worth the ride(Uncle Stefen is pretty cute too!)

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Ally Cox said...

It sounds like Aniston has quite the cute personality! We should really try and get together. Have you guys decided if you are moving out to South Jordan?