Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the "happiest place on earth"

This easter we headed down to Orderville with my family. I told Aniston on the way that she needed to be happy in order to go to Orderville(she was a little grumpy) because Orderville is a "happy place". I meant what I said; it is a happy place. So, while we were in the "happiest place on earth", as my sister and I termed it on the car ride down, we:

Colored Easter eggs with Bruce and Bonny's two youngest girls. Aniston was happy to have some company, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of their visit!
Rode the mini 4-wheelers, something that always makes us happy! Aniston was very unsure at first, but after a few times around the house, she had a perma-grin AND said "weeeeee" non-stop!
Chris and I took Aniston to the school to play on the swings and playground. We tried to stay out of a family Easter party, but we have a very friendly daughter. The lucky girl got a kite AND and egg full of candy, as well as the gum removed from her hair and a few pushes on the swings. Aniston was one happy girl! She was so proud of herself for flying the kite!
Chris helped Aniston get the kite a little higher. You should have heard the giggles and squeals that girl was letting out as the kite went higher and higher!
If there's a swing, this girl is happy and content!
These roller skates have been in Orderville since I can remember. Aniston was so excited to "skate" and Chris had her cruisin' the place like a wild animal!
Easter morning Aniston woke up and spotted a few eggs the Easter Bunny hid while she was on her way to the bathroom. She couldn't wait to go get them, and she went crazy when she saw her Easter basket! After morning Conference, Aniston found the rest of the eggs the Easter Bunny had left her.
Aniston was drawing portraits on the way home from Orderville, and I had to snap a shot of her drawing away! She has the circle/head, eyes, and mouth down!

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Lindsey said...

I agree that Orderville is one of the "happiest places on Earth". Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!