Thursday, April 29, 2010

one last time...

I am amazed that 2 years has gone by here. We've been on our own(not living with family)in university housing and we've made it 2 years! This apartment has a bunch of great memories. I can remember the first time I walked in the door, watching Aniston learn to crawl and walk in our living room, Chris exercising and taking a chunk out of the ceiling with his hand, and a few moments that have been learning and growing experiences for our family. I was worried the place would be awful when we first decided to apply, but it has only a few moments of awfulness with so many more great moments that have made it worth it. Our time in this apartment has been filled with laughs, happiness, sadness, milestones, struggles, adventure, and change. Although we will be moving into a bigger, better place(I think) that I know will bring more great memories, I can't help but be sad to leave a place that has so many great memories. Here are a few shots of our last moments in "our first place"...

She's always got her hands full and she's always lookin' cute!

This girl loves shoes, we've taught her well!!

And this is our mess, the part of moving that I hate most!

Goodbye purple carpet, cinder block walls, linoleum floors, pedestal sink, travel trailer stove, and mold. We will miss you; except the mold!!

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TonyandBet said...

I know how you feel! I had the same feeling leaving our first place, bittersweet! You'll have to post pics of the new place!