Wednesday, April 7, 2010

green smoothie where have you been all my life?!

I have seen this recipe on a few blogs and heard about it from some friends, but it never really did appeal to me because how can a green smoothie that contains spinach taste good? IT'S AMAZING!!! I've never had such a yummy smoothie!
So here is the recipe I got, and then I'll also give you my "recipe" because I didn't have the exact ingredients:

Green Smoothie
2 cups chocolate soy milk
1 banana
2-3 TBSP organic peanut butter
lots of spinach(4 handfuls)

my version of the Green Smoothie
2 cups 1% milk
4 TBSP chocolate Nesquik- I'm lovin' this stuff because Aniston LOVES chocolate milk, and so using this stuff makes it much cheaper.
1 banana
2 spoonfuls peanut butter(I LOVE low fat peanut butter, so if I had some of that I would have used it)
4 handfuls spinach
ice- 9 cubes to be exact
and I took my vitamin with the smoothie just throw all these ingredients in the blender, and blend away. Mine came out smooth and more on the thin side, which is just how I like it(I'm not a fan of thick smoothies). The recipe made enough for me to fill my cup to the top, Aniston's cup to the top, and then top off my cup after I drank some. I bet it would be enough for Chris, Aniston, and I if I could stand to share. I had it for lunch today about 1pm and wasn't hungry until about 6pm, my kind of smoothie!! I'm havin' one for breakfast in the morning, and every morning after that!

Aniston kept saying how yummy her smoothie was and then she went into her room and made more smoothies in her kitchen!
Check out my HUGE cup(don't judge, it's a pretty healthy smoothie)! You would never guess this was good by looking at it.


de Roda Family! said...

It looks... not that great!! I will try it though... always up for that!

Tren and Chylie said...

Wow... green smoothie...who'd a thunk?? It sounds interesting but I totally trust you so I am gonna try it!