Saturday, April 17, 2010

Aniston has learned how to "fix" our backs and then she gets a little carried away as you can tell. One day she was helping Chris review for his first aid test and was totally getting into the act(she watched me first, and I am a professional actress just in case you didn't know). Chris was asking her what hurt, and she rolled over on her tummy and said her back hurt and asked him to "fix it".

Check out this hot little lady! I love these shirts...thanks Megan!

Check out her pink slippers. She wears them ALL the time now. She got them for Christmas, but has wanted nothing to do with them until recently.

Aniston LOVES to wear gloves, and gets these out EVERY DAY!! Notice the slippers too, she has them on ALL the time and she can put them on all by herself!

I was downloading some pictures off my camera and saw this one. It made me ill for two reasons:
one: my baby is growing up way to fast. Since when did TWO YEARS fly by so fast?!
two: the mess of MOVING!!! We are so excited for our new place, but man oh man do I DESPISE EVERYTHING about's such a pain and makes such a BIG mess!!

Two funnies from Aniston...
"I know sweetheart, I know". Started saying this to Chris and I over and over again yesterday. Cracks me up!

Chris and I were having a disagreement per-say(no, we weren't fighting, we don't do that), and Aniston was in her room. She yelled out and said " Chris, you doin' ok out there, "everyhing" ok?".
Love her!!

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