Sunday, May 2, 2010

Series of unfortunate events

We started to move Friday. I went to meet the landlord at 2:30pm to pay rent and get the keys. This is when the unfortunate events began. I'm not writing this for sympathy, this post is to remind me in the future that this truly was not unfortunate and that I need to always be grateful for my blessings; I have it good. We will never move again unless it is absolutely necessary.
2:30pm- arrive at new place to find the carpet cleaning man just starting to clean the carpets. Why in the world did they not get cleaned until the day beforethe move-in date??!! Called Chris to vent(he is always a great listener and the calming one-but he was a bit miffed himself). Our plan to start moving things Friday wasn't going to happen.
2:45pm- The landlord shows up with the key and I ask the carpet guy when the carpet will be dry- 6 hours. I really do like the landlord, she is extremely nice and very easy to work with. We chat for a bit and then she leaves me to clean.
3:00pm- I begin the task of cleaning, and I can't believe how disgusting people are. I came across a number of vomits things. As I am cleaning the kitchen, I hear a noise that sounds like someone is coming in. I turned to see what is was and a big fat black hairy cat is tromping down the newly shampooed stairs. I make a scene and the cat runs away. I kept the door closed after that, forget that the carpet will dry faster if I have it open.
7:00pm- I met Chris at our old apartment to pack a few things and get some dinner. We both decided that eating out is over rated and that we can't wait to go back to our old ways of eating at home every night. We held hands for the first time in forever. Thanks Grammy for taking Aniston for 2 days so we could move.
8:00pm- Start moving in and the rain is not stopping. It had been raining off and on and I was praying it would stop so all our stuff wouldn't get wet. When we opened the front door of our new place, the same cat bolted out. One window doesn't have a screen and I left all the windows open so the carpet would dry faster.

10:00am- Started loading up the trailer and truck in the pouring rain. First sign that things were not in our favor.
12:30pm- The couch was not going in the door AND it was getting ripped! I'm freaking out, and I'm about to loose my cool because we have been finding things throughout the apartment that are not ok:
it hasn't been painted like we were told it would be
the fix it guy must be an "unhandy man" that needs to be fired
there might be mold, which will really put me over the edge. we moved because of this.
i keep finding spiders, ewww.
(i know this sounds ridiculous, but when you have to live in a place that you are paying money for, you want things to be nice.)
2:30pm- Second load that includes our bed. I wasn't stressed because in conversation with the landlord, a queen bed would fit down the stairs.
WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! The box springs was getting wedged at the bottom of the stairs, and I was about to come unglued! For the love, what else were we going to have to give up?! Chris, Stefen and I are in disbelief that we would think this apartment would be desirable.
Oh, and we can't have our kitchen table because the kitchen layout is to strange. Why did we think it would work out and be ok?
In all of this Chris and Stefen keep hitting their heads on the low ceilings, but I did ask Chris if he was ok with this when we looked at the place, and he said yes.

So, after we were finished moving our stuff, the disappointment not as fresh, and Aniston coming to see the place and saying " oh I love my new house, it's perfect for me!", we are happy with our decision. We wanted a new couch, a love seat should be in addition to a couch not your only source of seating. I love this bed from Ikea that doesn't have a box springs, and Chris said he would build a look-a-like. A bistro style table is on my want list AND it will fit in the kitchen.
We're fine with things, and now we're excited to get some new furniture.
No pictures, the place is still a disaster.


Cassidy said...

Are you still in Salt lake??? I sure hope cause I'm coming up for 2 weeks this summer and was hoping to see you!!! -Cassidy

Tren and Chylie said...

That sounded WAY too stressful!! As if moving wasn't bad enough... you had to deal with all that!! :( No fun! HOpe everything else goes smoothly for you!

de Roda Family! said...

I think I would have freaked out the entire time and used some not so nice words ... not to mention getting rid of the lease and finding something else while living with whomever would take me!! CRAZY JENA!!! Let me know if you need anything to help you "relax!"