Thursday, May 27, 2010

shelbi with an "i"

This is my beautiful sister...
She did a post when I had my 25th B-day with 25 things about me, so I'm doing the same for her...
love ya sis...

1- beautiful
2- kind
3- a leader
4- strong...physically and spiritually
5- funny...seriously cracks me up
6- has the best laugh...snorts while she's doing it too!!
7- mad decorating skills... she is so talented
8- mad singing skills, i love to listen to her
9- loves to talk...i can always count on her for a great conversation
10- loyal friend
11- dedicated worker
12- finds good in all things
13- "fun aunt" Aniston LOVES Aunt Shelbi
14- tolerant of stupid people...a quality i don't possess
15- always willing to help others
16- organized
17- clean
18- the perfect wife for her Scotty
19- good long as she takes the paper out of the pan
20- good example...she makes me want to be better in so many ways
21- addicted to chocolate
22- VERY should see the projects she does...AMAZING!!!
23- a bit dramatic, but it keeps things lively in our family
24- one of my best friends
25- always has a story, and my favorites are the ones when she does something embarrassing BECAUSE she can laugh at herself
26- a mentor, always wanting to help others better themselves
27- my sister, and the best sister a girl could ever ask for.
thanks sister for always being there to support, love, and take care of me and my family. you are the best, and i can't imagine life without you. i am so sad that you will one day be so far away, but i know you will always be there for me no matter how many miles i have to travel to see you.

We celebrated her Birthday by listening to my brother play in the band concert and eating brownies and ice cream. Can't beat that, but I really can't wait to get a pedi with her and my mom next week to celebrate!

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