Friday, May 28, 2010

a story worth remembering

Aniston locked me out of the house today. I went to dump the vacuum canister, and she followed me up the stairs and locked the dead bolt when I was out. I came back and tried to get in, but couldn't. I am racking my brain as to why I would lock the door, but then realize I didn't. I tried to get her to unlock it, but she kept turning the door handle. Our front door has a long window, so I decided to try and get her to look out the blinds and see me pointing at the dead bolt instead of the door handle. She peaked through the window and we both just laughed. She finally figured out what she had to turn, and I got in.
If it hadn't been for the 30 minute tantrum she threw earlier all because she couldn't get her gardening glove on to touch the worm, I would have laughed harder.
I get it...I was naughty so I have a naughty child. I'm done with it though, and I think it's time that she be nice. I was naughty for a long time though; I'm still naughty. It's not going to end soon I fear, but I'll have good stories to tell and at least I have her around.


Mackay Family said...

That is pretty funny. Good thing she is SO cute and that she finally let you back in!

Ally Cox said...

LOL! This is a great story! I am just glad she let you back in and you didn't have to call your hubby or a locksmith or something. I always worry Caden is going to lock me out when I go out to get the mail and stuff. I better start taking him with me so that doesn't happen! :-)