Friday, September 25, 2009


Just wanted to say that I LOVE my little princess! She has been amazing. I'm sold on the happy face's marvelous and works! I know that whole post about Dr. Jones was long and unnecessary, but hey sometimes I ramble. Life is good.
Her first choice out of the box was these balloon things.
I found these candy lipsticks at work and decided they were a must because the girl is always asking for "lips"(lip gloss).

My "great, wonderful, great"(inside joke people) friend Lindsey now has a one year old! Wow, what the heck?! Wasn't it just last month that we moved to St. George and started college life? My heavens!
Colton and Aniston chillin'. She calls him her "buddy".
Aniston got to hit a pinata for the first time at Colton's party. I think she was a little confused, but she liked what came out of the pinata when it broke!
Us and our cute babies
Colton gave the BEST party favors...monkey EVERYTHING!! Aniston couldn't get over how cool the monkey "sticker" was because she couldn't just take it off. WOW!!

There is no doubt Aniston loves her Daddy(or Chris as she sometimes calls him). He went to Vegas this week for a bike show and we missed him. She was talking to him one night on the phone and said "my sweetheart" and about made him cry!! Isn't that to stinkin' cute?! She calls him her sweetheart a lot, and she just can't get enough Daddy time! We LOVE Saturdays, because that's our fun day with Daddy, and this past weekend we went to a block party for our apartments. Aniston got to stand in an ambulance, launch a rocket her Daddy helped her make, and eat popcorn.
Aniston and her sweetheart.
Checkin' out the ambulance.

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Lindsey said...

How Cute!! I want copies of what you got from the party. You are a GREAT WONDERFUL GREAT friend!!