Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We've been up to some good lately! Aniston got to play with her friend "Cotton" last week while his mommy was workin'. She loved it, and they had fun together. I like the idea of one child, so I think we'll just borrow other children once in awhile. Lunch time came with a disaster that involved a hungry little someone grabbing another hungry bigger someones SpaghettiO's and dumpin' them all over him and the floor. Good thing Chris was there to help, and that I chose to laugh instead of cuss!!

Saturday morning Chris competed in Cyclocross. That was a hoot!! It was chilly, but Aniston and I got into it and we ran all over cheering Chris on. He did fantastic might I add, and we're headed up to Heber this weekend for another event.

Last, but certainly not least: Papa's Birthday!!! We did a progressive dinner that started at our house, and then we went to Scott and Shelbi's. Before going to my parents for desert, we stopped and bowled. Papa won, and Aniston even played with us. It was so much fun, thanks Shelbi and Grammy for being creative!!

Papa and Aniston waiting for the appetizers. Gotta love the Birthday hat!

The gang eating at our house. We are all really squished together and we have to fight for chairs too!

Eating the main course...Cafe Rio steak burritos. They were yummy!!
Bowling!! Stefen had the BEST form.
Daddy helping Aniston bowl. She thought it was so fun and she would clap like a mad woman when each of us would bowl.
My cute parents just enjoying themselves. I love these two!!
We had to sneak in a family picture, and we had to hurry too. Aniston was CRAZY and wanted to run EVERYWHERE!!

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