Tuesday, December 29, 2009


"Christis", as Aniston would say it, was great! This whole month has been crazy, but great! Chris finished the semester, has a new position at work in the bike department, and is looking forward to his last Cyclocross race this weekend. Aniston has been a busy bossy body and enjoyed "Christis" and all the lights and decorations too. She watched a lot of Rudolph and learned a bunch of Christmas songs: Rudolph, Up on the House Top, Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman, and Santa Clause is Coming to Town. She got to sit on Santa's lap twice, and play in the snow a bunch! I've been busy making hats and bands, working, and hanging out with family and friends. Now to the pictures and enough of this rambling...

This video is really sad, but I can't help but laugh too. Watch Aniston's face at the end when she puts her hands over her face.

River was so much fun to cuddle!
Aniston and I played with Colton a few times in December, and I was glad he was there so I could make sure his Christmas present would fit!
I figured out how to make these head bands that I've seen girls wearing. I wasn't about to pay $20-$30 bucks for one, so I figured out my own way to make them and my mom got the first one!
makin' cookies at Grammy and Papa's
We went to my Grandparent's grave right before Christmas. I miss them SOOO much!
Making more cookies for Santa, but they didn't stick around long enough for Santa because we have a little sweet tooth in our house(Aniston).
Christmas Eve and Christmas Jammies from Papa and Grammy.
Christmas morning was CRAZY!! Aniston usually wakes up really early, but Chris had to wake both her and I up and Aniston was not excited about it until she saw that Santa had come!
Christmas morning in our Christmas jammies(thank goodness I followed a pattern this year because last year I couldn't even wear mine).
Look at these two cuties! They have a love hate relationship. Aniston will boss Carter, he wacks her in the face, and then they hug!
Sisters! I love these two girls even though only one of them is blood related!
So, I guess because my sister would only let me play with my mom's Skipper doll when we were young, Skipper's hair style rubbed off. I'm getting used to hair in my eyes and double takes.


Mackay Family said...

You made your Christmas pajamas? I am impressed. Doesn't surprise me that much cuz you are amazing. Aniston looks like she had fun on Christmas!

Tren and Chylie said...

Aniston's face is hilarious in that movie!! I laughed pretty hard! Your pajama pants turned out super cute!! Looks like you guys had a great christmas!

de Roda Family! said...

I can not believe you MADE your Christmas Pajamas!! I love your pictures... and I LOVE your new hair!!! Looks like a wonderful Christmas!