Monday, January 4, 2010


Here are some Aniston funnies that I need to get down somewhere so I don't forget:

If I'm drying my hair and Aniston is watching tv, she will come in the bathroom and tell me to be quiet and then she'll walk out and shut the door.

Aniston LOVES lip gloss, and if she doesn't have enough on her own lips, she get some from others. That's right, she takes it off my lips by giving me the biggest lip smackin' kiss there is! she'll ask for a kiss just to get some "lips"!

We went to the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie and we took Aniston along with a bit of hesitation. She did pretty well, I only had to take her out once because she wasn't using her quiet voice. I was trying to tell her not to talk while the movie was playing, but she was "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUSHING" me and giving me a spit shower. It was all I could do not to laugh! The best was her dancing EVERY time there was music!!

If you ask Aniston what her favorite song is, it will most likely be "Paparazzi" or some other song that's on the radio. She can sing to most of the popular songs that are out now, and her latest favorite is "Yew York". My mom got Aniston some preschool CDs for Christmas that will hopefully stick in her head too!

I LOVE THIS... She still twirls her hair when she is tired. Next to her baby soft skin, that's the only sign that she's still a baby. She has grown fast, and is changing all the time. She talks ALL the time, the only time she is quiet(this is no lie I promise) is when she is asleep. I'm listening to her now while she's laying down for her nap, and she's singing "Rudolph". She's a chatter box, and I have to stop myself when I am tempted to tell her to stop talking, and just enjoy it. Even though she's growing up, she still knows and says "I'm my mommy's baby" and she'll even ask me to "hold you like a baby"!

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The Payne Family said...

She is a doll. Isn't this stage fun? Hannah says "hold you like a baby" too.