Wednesday, January 20, 2010


These two are too cute!! Daddy took Aniston on their first daddy-daughter date, and they both loved it. How sweet is that?!
Chris humms and haas about buying "extras", but guess who insisted we get ANOTHER stuffed animal to add to the overwhelming collection? Chris, AND he plans on going back on Valentine's Day and purchasing another, larger stuffed frog because I'm guessing if you get someone an early Valentine's gift, you've also got to get one for them one the actual holiday too. He's so sweet, and yes she's got him wrapped around her finger(more than one time too).
This little princess is full of love. She gives hugs, kisses, and says I love you to us constantly. I got a smack in the face(literally) Sunday that made me stop and think about how much I really do love this little princess. Thanks to Disney, I have a sore nose, but had a moment to realize the unconditional love that I have for this little girl. We had just finished "grassament" and I was holding Aniston on my lap. She grabbed my face(we were on the second row front and center, might I add) and looked at me with a strange look that said "I'm not sure how to go about this but here goes nothing", and CRACK!! She slammed her forehead into my nose. She looks up at me as I try to compose myself and says "ouch". I could have thrown her onto the stand, but instead I just gave her a hug and tried not to cry. I gave the little miss a lecture about not hitting people, and then held her tight in my lap. I get the unconditional love thing now, because yes I was VERY upset at first, but she didn't do it intentionally. Even if she did, we all do dumb things, and we learn. I hope she knows head-butting people is not nice and it hurts, and I'll cross my fingers that it won't happen again. LOVE HER!!

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