Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We're ready for Christmas!

Aniston and I have all the decorations up, I've finished all my Christmas shopping, there's a good foot of snow outside, we've played in the snow(Aniston is a pro at snow angels), and even built a snowman! We're ready for the holidays, and can't wait for Santa to come! This year I decided we couldn't have a deep dedication to the "U" or live so close to campus and continue to decorate the tree blue. The tree now sports red and green, and even has a new skirt(my first attempt by my no pattern self).
Aniston is constantly saying "maybe Santa will bring me that", and Chris and I are constantly saying "if you can't behave, Santa won't come". This year one of Santa's elfs, Ernie, is at our house to keep an eye on Aniston for Santa. We have a candy count down made, and this year we're starting the tradition of opening a Christmas book each night and reading it.
Aniston's wish list so far...
"those Barbies at the store"
"some horses and ponies"
"Ironman ornament"

the snow angel pro
my first snowman in years!
Aniston was a great helper!
The tree's skirt


Ally Cox said...

I pretty much LOVE her Christmas list! That is so cute. Do you have the elf on the shelf book? I just wondered since you said you had one of Santa's helpers at your house. We have the book and the little elf and whenever Caden is having one of his "moments", I remind him that buddy the elf is watching! :-) Bribery is Bliss!

Tren and Chylie said...

You make us all look bad! LOL Christmas shopping done, home made tree skirt, and all your christmas stuff up. I gotta admit - I LOVE the tree skirt! You did a great job! I can't to see you next week! Give Aniston a squeeze for me!