Thursday, November 4, 2010


We have been so excited about Joe, Kalli, and their darling kids moving up north, because they have been such great friends! We love doing things with them, so once they were settled in, Kalli and I made plans to take the kids to the Zoo. I loved watching Aniston and Presli play together with little Madden right by their sides, catching up with Kalli, lovin' on Knox and his chubby cheeks and darling smile and giggles, and watching Kalli do it with 3!! She's amazing, and when I tried to put myself in her shoes I had an anxiety attack! She's so calm and is an awesome mom to those darling kids! Aniston was in HEAVEN!!! She not only likes animals, but loved being with kids. I'm excited to do more together and VERY excited about whipping out some crafts with my old crafting buddy(I think bows are history and we'll be moving onto bigger things!).
Aniston and Presli riding the train.

Aniston, Presli, and Madden playing on the Rhino
All 3 kids riding the "Caroself" as Aniston would call it

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