Saturday, November 27, 2010


We were lucky this year and had Thanksgiving with both the Jones Family and the Bolander family. I love Thanksgiving; not only the delish food, but I absolutley love to be with my family!
My favorites/thankfuls this Thanksgiving...
awesome STG weather
huge bed in STG
Shanna's patience
(Aniston LOVES Grandma's dress-up shoes, and they are the first thing she gets her hands on when we go visit!)
Dave's Coke
Jocelyn's camera talent
(Aniston posing for Jocelyn during the photo shoot)
coversations with Brooke
(Aniston, actually all 3 of us, LOVE Rob!)
Trevor's computer talent
Jenna and Brian's great baby makin' skills
being an aunt
Watching these 2 play together is shocking! They almost NEVER fight, and ALWAYS have fun together.
Jones family Thanksgiving 2010

Papa's turkey frying skills

Grammy's extreme amounts of food
homemade rolls

a bigger kitchen
layered jello, thanks to CRB

Stefen's comment about feeling fat
Bri's elbow in my plate, never sit by a lefty...
full belly
(Our other baby...oh and a shot of the snow on Thanksgiving day)

The Bolander family Thanksgiving 2010
(We missed Scott and Shelbi VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY much!)
I'm most thankful for Chris and Aniston.

This year has flown by, Aniston has grown into a little girl, Chris has accomplished a lot in school, work, and physically, and I've been able to enjoy it all!

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Bywater said...

Love the photo's! We missed you too!