Monday, November 1, 2010

Our little 3 year old is growing up so fast! She learns new things continually, and she is becoming more creative, imaginative, and funnier every day.
Lately she has...
been calling Grammy Gram
asking to watch Iron Man 2 and says it's her favorite. she even wants the Iron Man toys
writing every letter in her name all by herself!!!!
helping with chores
not taking naps
being more and more sassy by the second
making up words like "intrusting"(she says "you are intrusting" in an insulting tone)
coming in our bed early EVERY morning!!!!
naming all her toys...ana, kalli, hanna, and names she makes up that are really out there
wanting to go talk to people she sees where ever we go, but then won't talk?!
moving around so much better!! she is jumping, spinning, twirling, and dancing around. we took her to a gymnastics class and she was really timid but liked it too!

Even though some days can make me crazy trying to keep up with her and make sure she knows how to behave, I'm loving every second of it! She is and has always been so sweet and full of love!

October 2010
Daddy helped Aniston gut the pumpkin and make a face on it.
Aniston made a pumpkin mask pretty much all by herself!
she loves to wear my clothes
I found her unloading the clean dishes without me asking her to help!

2 reasons not to sleep by her...


Aniston was getting sleepy one night, and pulled out the chairs and made her own bed!

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TonyandBet said...

She is so adorable!! Love hearing all your fun stories about her!