Thursday, January 6, 2011


Aniston started ballet today. She was so excited about it, and went right into class and danced her heart out! It was fun to see her trying to follow along, and watch so intently as the teacher, Miss Kim, showed the girls what to do. I am so glad we put her in the class, she has really needed something social and something with structure that she can look forward to every week.
When we first got her outfit, I was really worried about the shoes. She refused to wear them(she's picky about clothes, shoes, etc.). She put them on a few days before class and danced around in them like nothing was wrong, and she was fine this morning when we went to class. I envisioned this meltdown and refusal to wear the shoes, but she surprised me!
After class we went to Grammy's and Aniston told her all about class. Aniston couldn't remember her teacher's name, so she called her "Quesadilla"!


Bywater said...

LOL! Well you know Quesadilla is a good name...:) Glad there were no problems :)

Ally Cox said...

LOL! Quesadilla, that is hilarious! I can't wait to be able to put Kaylee in dance classes. That sounds like so much fun! Let us know if she ever does a recital and we will come and cheer her on! :-)