Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I was starting to feel some major guilt about our lame summer. We hadn't gone on any family outings, done any vacationing, hadn't gone on the hikes we planned, and we hadn't camped once. The Riecks invited us to go camping this past weekend and saved our summer! We had a blast, determined we need a bigger tent, and got to break in our camping stove!

Aniston wasn't so sure about the whole camping thing. She told us many times that she just wanted to go home, but eventually fell asleep Friday night and woke up happy!
waiting for breakfast!
this handsome little guy wasn't in the camping spirit the first night either, but he was all smiles in the morning too!

Saturday we loaded up the sand toys and some lunch and headed down the road to Pineview Reservoir to play at the beach!
I think the big boys had just as much fun making sand creatures as the little kids did!
Joe, Kalli, and Presli making a sand castle
Even though she didn't get along well with the water, she did have a smile on her face(most of the time)!

The kids played so well together! I think the fact that they had zero toys to play with helped.

I was feeling left out after the kids got baths in a bin, so I boiled some water for a sponge bath on the new stove!

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