Monday, August 15, 2011

party party party

Papa and Christian missed the princess party, so we had Papa, Grammy, and Christian over Sunday the 14th for a Barbie party. The Birthday girl was all smiles...
she was so so excited when she could see what this present from Gammy, Papa, and Christian was
she LOVES "Barbs"!!
Everything that came out of this bag was "so cute"!!
I love getting things for Aniston that I wanted as a kid so I can finally play with them! I believe an Easy Bake Oven will also be a future possession.
Daddy gave her a shirt with... a bike! Who would have thought?!
Grammy and Aniston have a little band, so she gave Aniston some jingle bells to add to the collection of instruments.

Aniston wanted a Barbie cake, so I attempted...

I wasn't sure how she would react to me cutting it, so I gave her the honors.

Our party guests with the Birthday girl!

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briwh1 said...

Dont worry Stefen and I already decided last year that we are getting a an easy bake oven if you dont. And your cake is wonderful!