Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have a huge spot in my heart for both my grandmas, so when the fruit in the orchard is ready for pickin', memories come flooding in! My dad let me and my two besties pick the peaches this year and take most of them for ourselves(love him!). As I stood and peeled them I thought: wow this is hard work! wow I'm really bad at just peeling off the skin! and boy do I wish I could be doing this with my grandmas! I peeled a bunch and did my version of canning. After I was finished, I made a little peach treat with the help of my little princess.

My kitchen was a mess!! Peach guts were EVERYWHERE!
Modern day canning
Aniston helping with the whippy stuff for the peach desert. That sweet bruise on her chin came from nursery, thank goodness she'll be in primary soon(they're more reverent).


Tren and Chylie said...

Those were the BEST peaches . . hands down! I have eaten at least 2 every day, I made fruit leather and I still had plenty to freeze! Tell your dad again, thanks for sharing with us!

Bywater said...

Love the comment about being out of nursery....I don't believe the Missy is old enough! If she is heaven help all of us! :)