Friday, September 17, 2010

stuff about our sweetie

:Aniston was messing around and knocked over my folded clothes. I made her refold them, and I wish I could have taken pictures of her folding job, but I didn't(not appropriate to show off my garments!). :Chris and Aniston watched my least favorite movie, Nacho, one night when I was at work. They like to quote one of the lines when I'm around to bug me... Aniston's version: "I wanna ween, I wanna see what it tastes like-o". :Aniston will add "sweetie" to the end of a few phrases she says, too cute! :She is constantly saying that she has to go to work. You ask her what she does and her reply is..."take care of the babies". :She uses the word but A LOT in her sentences, beginning, middle, and even at the end. :Anytime she is asked how she is doing, or sometimes what she is doing, she'll say..."I'm doin' great!!". :She likes it when we exercise! She will do it along with us, sit and watch us, and she is always asking us if we're wet(sweating) and need a towel. She will ask if she can touch our face or back to see if we are wet, kind of disgusting I know! She gets really excited when she sees me in my "exercise clothes" because she knows Megan is usually on her way over to join the fun! She notices when I don't work out, and it's good for me because I know someone is keeping track! :My bad habit of Diet Coke drinking has rubbed off a bit on Aniston. She is always asking to have some of mine, and my favorite part is how she says it..."I need some Dina Coke!" :Naps are getting to be rare with her. But one Saturday while I was at work, Chris noticed she was really quiet so he went to check on her. She was in bed, covers up, and when he asked what she was doing she said..."I'm tired.", and she went down for a nap all by herself! :She learned a new song in Nursery, and she was always asking us to sing it to her. We had no clue what song the "turtle song" was, so she would get really upset at us for not singing it. After church last Sunday, she came home singing it all by herself.....

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