Monday, March 22, 2010

playing catch up

I hope to make this blog into a book, but I'm not keeping up like I should.
We've been busy, but that's how we like it!
Aniston makes us laugh, and we LOVE that!
She has said a few "funnies": I was vacuuming and she was dancin' to some music, but
came into me and told me "BE QUIET!!! I CAN'T DANCE!!!". Chris was watching
basketball and her and I were cuddling, bord out of our minds, and she says
"I'm sick of Daddy and basketball." We were walking home from church and
stopped to talk to some neighbors. When we started to walk again, their little
boy wasn't following. Aniston says "we can't leave him, he needs to come with
us." So I told her to go hold his hand and walk with him, so she did. They
walked hand in hand with big smiles on their faces until Aniston led him off
the sidewalk. After some reassuring, she let him grab her hand and they walked
the rest of the way home.
For reasons Chris and I are both unaware of, Aniston talks about "my sister".
She mentions her often and says she's either "at school" or "at work" when
we ask where she is. One day, "my sister" was in the closet.
Dear Aniston's sister...I sure would like to meet you, and Aniston really needs
someone besides Mom and Dad to play with. You're welcome to come anytime!
*I'm not pregnant
We are so excited for summer, lots of fun plans and I really could use a good day out on the lake with my wake board.
We are looking for a new address as well. The cinder block walls are less inviting than they once were(and so is the mold, which actually was NEVER invited).
Chris was called to be a ward clerk, like father like son.
Chris is taking the summer off, mostly because the classes he needs aren't taught summer semester. I am so excited...we LOVE having him around!
I am going to graduate FINALLY! Just have to get Dixie to pull things together and stop messing things up all the time. I can't say anything good about the place, except that I have some good memories there(sorry I had to throw that in because I am bitter).
I love my job, even if I have to scrub a c-section(I need a bottle of Pepto if there is even a threat). More than the actual job, I love the girls I work with. As long as I work there I'll never have to call a dr for questions, pay for a shrink, use birth control, or wonder if I am the only mother that feels inadequate because she's to tired to get off the couch after a night shift.
Life is good...
The new computer is not, so no pictures this time...

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de Roda Family! said...

... Enjoyed reading your thoughts... crazy about the "sister"... don't worry I am SURE she will be coming soon!! (But After Vegas please)