Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chris has a new hobby, well it's been new for the past year and a half, but Aniston has taken a liking to it recently. She puts on his gear anytime she can get her hands on it.

I'm starting her early! I'm no slave driver(Chris would argue that), but I am willing to let her help with certain things like wiping her hand prints off the tv, putting dishes in the sink after meals, and thanks to Uncle Scott's employment with Dyson we have this handy vacuum that adjusts to her height and is light enough so she can vacuum...

My baby brother is 16!!! UMMM hello, I remember going to the doctor with my mom when she found out she was pregnant. I remember seeing the ultrasound picture my mom left out on the kitchen table for us to see when we got home from school showing us that we would have a baby brother. I can't believe time went by that fast! I love this kid.
kind to everyone
a ladies man
a good listener
a fabulous uncle
and a loyal friend
My family, minus Stefen who was probably talking to his "girl" friend, and Chris and Scott who were taking pictures.
Aniston, Christian(my baby brother), and me

Thanks Grandma Shanna for this beautiful dress!!

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Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

Aniston is totally growing up and I can't believe I have only seen her ONCE! CRAZY! We do need to get together and it would be a blast to go swimming as long as there was beach entry I would be fine with it! Let's plan it SOON ...