Wednesday, March 3, 2010

letter to me...

You make life interesting.
Today was interesting, to say the least.
You should listen to Aniston when she says she wants to eat lunch at Grammy and Papa's.
Getting uptight and worried only makes you more clumsy...SO STOP IT!!
NEVER even think about being a waitress...period.
You're lack of "skills" landed your coke and almost your salad on the drink machine, counter, and floor at Cafe Rio all because you think your daughter won't mind and stay right by you.
Give her some credit...she has 2 ears and listens well.
Remember to be kind to others like that lady was to you.
Thank goodness she helped you filled your coke up, it was much needed!
Remember to NEVER let Aniston play on the chairs, she needs to pick a color and stay on it.
At least you did what every parent SHOULD do when their child is screaming(even if the scream is from pain; her poor little bum, hard floors are not forgiving), pack up and leave.
Your conversation in the car was pretty cute, apologizing back and forth about the adventures at Cafe Rio.
Lets try for a better day tomorrow.


Tren and Chylie said...

I love your letter!! You are such an amazing mom to Aniston... give yourself some credit! I hope today is a better day for you! Love ya girl

~MIRANDA~ said...

What a cute letter. Aniston is lucky to have such a great mom!