Thursday, October 21, 2010

hello and goodbye

Shelbi got to stay for a week and a half after the wedding to work here in SLC, so we tried to do as much as we could with her. Shelbi came over yesterday to go to lunch and have us drop her off at the airport. Aniston was napping when she came, so I asked her if should would go wake Aniston up so we could get going. The look on Aniston's face was the MOST excited look I have ever seen from that little girl! She absolutely adores my sister, and I love it! I cried when she left, and I cry still every time I think about how far away she is. Aniston is constantly talking about Shelbi, about Scott, about "Acago"(Chicago), and flying on a plane to go see them or them flying to us. Today she told me this:
"Mom I'm gonna go on a mission."
Me: "Where are you going?"
"To rescue Scott and Shelbi from Acago"
This conversation has come up before, but the mission part is new.
I hope we can go on that mission soon!!

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