Tuesday, February 8, 2011

dancing queen

Aniston LOVES dance class and LOVES her teacher Miss Kim. I love to watch her, she makes me smile!
All smiles waiting for class to start!
You can't help but smile when you see that face!

I snapped these 2 pics of class, and then was told pics weren't allowed. Whoops!

Aniston and Daddy went on a date to the Utah gymnastics meet along with Presli and Joe. Chris brought her home with a half eaten bag of cotton candy, a full bag of kettle corn, and a tattoo on her cheek!
Aniston was going to the airport to "fly to Chicago to see Shelbi and Scott," and she wanted to make sure Aunt Shelbi would be there to pick her up. Their telephone conversation would have been worth recording!
Aniston "helped" me make these Valentine's decorations, and in the process she handed one to me and said "will you accept this rose?". She's full of stuff like this, she's always quoting movies and things she hears!!
I love her, even if she can be a "mess" as Chris says!!


briwh1 said...

Stefen and I are sitting here in amazement that she is SOOO big!!! We miss that little girl! Wow she is big!

Mackay Family said...

I want to learn how to make your cute Valentine craft! Will you teach me? You have the cutest little dancer ever!