Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm a fan of Vampires... actually just Vampire movies

I saw Twlight, I was excited about seeing it. I loved the books, I didn't want to follow the trend of reading them though... but I did and don't have regrets. I think I will see the movie again and possibly read the books again too. I recommend them to all who haven't fallen into the trend. They are great books and I do NOT like science fiction and I am not really a reader, but I think you should read them. At least go see the movie. I took Aniston and she liked it, so what does that say? She watched it at least, and when I asked her if she liked it she nodded her head yes.


kgoody said...

I am with you 100%. Except taking the baby, I didnt do that. I tried to get Teresa to read them too. If you have them you should borrow her one. I was up there last week and we walked by your house but it was late so we didnt stop by. Then the next morning(sat) I was going to call u but I had to go see Hayden at the hospital and then we went home. Darn it. Next time though. You need to call me when you come next. Ill come over to play.

kgoody said...

Im pretty sure Santa is bringing me #1 book since it got in my cart at target today so I will see if Teresa wants to read mine sometime.