Monday, November 17, 2008

7 Quirks

Thought this may be kind of fun and a little embarrassing too...
1. I wash my hands way to much and use hand sanitizer to much too. You should see my hands now, they are horrible. I am afraid of germs so I wash them and they're gonna fall off one of these days.
2. I have to chew the same amount of food on one side of my mouth as I do the other. If 2 yellow M&Ms go on one side, 2 yellow M&Ms have to go on the other.
3. I HATE to touch raw meat, and I will NOT if I don't have to. If I do touch it, I get the chills and wash my hands immediately!!
4. I can smell a fart before it comes out, ask Chris if you don't believe me.
5. I weave in and out of traffic even if I'm not in a hurry. I tried to stop, but I can't!! I just can't stand to go slow.
6. I'm afraid of the dark, more like I'm afraid of WHO might be in the dark.
7. I hate to get into a bed that has not been made. If I don't make my bed all day I will make it before I get in it just because I think it's so uncomfortable to get in a bed that's got blankets every which way.

I tag all of you that haven't done this yet. I wanna know if you're as quirky as me!

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