Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I have an announcement!!

This is crazy, but that's me for ya.....




You're probably confused unless you know my eating likes and dislikes. I hate eggs, at least I thought I did. The last time I ate them(8th grade) I was sick, no lie, for a few days by the disgust. A few nights ago at work I thought they smelled and looked pretty good. So, the next night I asked Chris if he wanted breakfast for dinner and told him I was going to try to eat a scrambled egg. I put a bunch of stuff in with the egg to kind of make the egg not so potent, and cooked them almost to the burning point so they wouldn't be slimy. I like them and had to stop myself from eating to much just in case they made me sick like the last time. So, my conclusion...I'll eat them again sometime in the future and only if they are scrambled or in an omelet and cooked really well. Also, I'm not pregnant and having a very random craving, just in case you were wondering. I know, I'm crazy:)

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Paige and Garret Story said...

oh my... i totally thought you were really announcing something haha! so good idea to put at the bottom that your not pregnant! but good job for eating the eggs it takes a lot to do that! i have the same thing with sprite and lemonade!