Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We took Aniston to Lagoon and she had a blast, I think!! She did really good on almost all the rides. She didn't like waiting in line or sitting there waiting for them to start or get off when they stopped. She also wasn't a fan of going by herself, a TRUE girl.
My sister took her on the first ride, and Aniston just sat there and said "out". I don't know what I was thinking, but Megan and I took Aniston on the Tidal Wave next (yes she's tall enough, almost) and as soon as we were going she had a death grip on the seat belt thing and she was SHAKING!! I felt so bad, but I also couldn't stop laughing. Aniston sat there shaking until the ride stopped and then we got off and she told everyone about it! She went on a bunch of the little kid rides, and Daddy took her on Puff(how he fit in that ride I'll never know)! Aniston went on a few fast rides with us, and she would scrunch into the person she was riding with and close her eyes until it was over. Her favorite ride was the little kiddie swings, and the ride that seemed to scare her the most was one of the water rides that all of us went on together. I think it scared her because we were screaming and moving all over the place to try and not get wet, and I think that made her a little nervous.
The day was SOO FUN, and I was so glad that Aniston had a good time. She is a timid little stink sometimes, but she did so well on the rides. Life is such a blast with her in it!
Chris and I laughed when we got home at our tired and sore bodies, we never thought we would get that way after a few roller coaster rides! I guess we are getting a little older.
Aniston's first roller coaster ride...she's got this look on her face like what the heck is this crazy thing I'm on.
Poor girl, her mom takes her on a ride that almost scares her to death. I felt so bad and shouldn't have been laughing.
Ridding puff with daddy. Sorry I put the picture in and didn't turn it, you'll have to click on it to make it bigger...it's funny to see the look on Aniston and Chris' faces.
Yay!! She was LOVIN' these swings and had a fit when it was time to get off.
Scott thinking he is invincible and Shelbi just along for the ride!!
Megan was really scared out of her mind, and I was about to throw up! The white roller coaster has been around FOREVER and we were all VERY unsure that we would come back alive.
This little kid ride was Chris' favorite!! you have to click on this picture to see his face...it's hysterical!!
This was one of those rides that Aniston had to go on by herself, and she didn't like the idea from the beginning. I think she actually was crying during this ride and just wanted off. If anyone wants to come with us next time and bring your kiddos let me know cuz Aniston would love a buddy!!

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Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

Hey I would come with you next time if if worked out. Emma loves all those kinds of rides, well at least she did last year on our vacation in California.