Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Party time!!

Aniston had 2 parties to celebrate her birthday, lucky girl!! We did a little dinner and cake and ice cream on her birthday with just my family, and then this past Sunday we had a party with more family and friends. Aniston LOVED having a birthday, and LOVED blowing out her candles. She got some really fun things, and loved being around family and friends! Papa, Grammy and the uncles got her a bike! She got some fun books and learning toys from my sister and Chris' family, and we got her some fish(one of which is a FREAK; it's come back from the dead 3 times now! It's going down the toilet!).
I still am amazed that it's been two years, and that we was blessed with such a sweet girl. It was a blast spoiling our baby girl and celebrating her birthday with the people we love!

Party #1

Happy family!
Aniston gets a little bit embarrassed when she's center of attention. I'm not sure why because she seems to demand it a lot.
Aniston's bike!! Don't mind the shag hair, some battles aren't worth fighting.

Party #2

Aniston LOVES Horton, so Grammy had this Horton cake made!
Opening presents, this was not one of Aniston's favorite things to do. She would rather run around and not have to sit still!
Aunt Shelbi and Aniston roasting mellows.
Aniston with her fishes, well more like Aniston! She kisses her fish when we leave, and she loves to watch them, even if they are "sleeping".


Us! said...

I want to eat her up!! She is so cute and I can only imagine how fun that was for you to have 2 parties!! SO CUTE!

Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

So So CUTE! She is getting SO BIG!! I totally understand "picking your battles!!" I know I write this a lot, but I REALLY mean it. . . WE NEED TO HANG OUT!!!