Monday, August 31, 2009

BIG helper

Aniston is such a big helper, and she was really exciyed to help with the dishes! She scrubbed the mixers after I made frosting, but not before she had a few licks. She also rewashed a few dishes, I guess I didn't get them clean enough.
Such a big helper!!
Aniston likes to get up close and check EVERYTHING out. She's always got her head down close to whatever she's up to.

More fun in the sink!!
Aniston takes tubbies at Grammy's house in the sink all the time, so we attempted in ours. FAILED!! Water EVERYWHERE, a screaming girl who bonked her head a few times on the cabinet(I should have been smarter and not tried to wash her hair), and a frazzled mom. Was it worth it for a few minutes? Sure! Bumps get kissed better, water gets cleaned up VERY easily, and mom always calms down!!

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