Sunday, December 16, 2012

party...ugly style

I was lucky enough to snag a position at one of my favorite Doc's office who I worked with in labor and delivery, and man am I lucky!! These people know how to make work fun and my boss is seriously the best! We got together to bowl, eat, laugh, celebrate the season, and spread the ugly!
Best part about the job...working with two of my hommies from AVHWC, yep that's right...we all 3 scored a spot in the office!!!
Me and my Gingie sweater wearin' man
Paige and Kerri
crazy ladies
Chris gettin' wild
Wednesday hommies + Julie
the staff
fellow Dickie wearin' fools
Paige, the winner of the ugly contest
The party people!!

1 comment:

the de Roda Family! said...

Working for Later?! That is pretty cool... I think anyway! From the sounds of it... most everyone has left AVHWC? Seriously kinda sad. I love the pics and your Christmas card is stunning!