Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Random post

School is now in session!! Chris is really loving his classes and things are going really well with his new major... thank goodness!! We see good things that confirm our move from St. George every once in awhile, and it makes us feel better. Work for Chirs is another story, but he's got some promising leads and we just hope and pray something will work out. He loves side projects so check out Roots to Leaves on our Favorites and let him know if you need a project. He has more free time to get them done, which he's really thankful for.
Aniston is crazy, she is getting close to walking with each step. She seems kind of intimidated by standing alone, but she's been practicing late at night. I snuck into her room and watched her for about 5 minutes last night and I was covering my mouth so a laugh wouldn't sneak out and blow my cover. She is supposed to be laying down, but she's got another agenda... standing up without holding on. She pulls herself up and slowly takes her hands off the crib, and then once she is standing alone she falls down and lands on her bum. It may be just the rush of falling on her bum and bouncing on the mattress that has her going back for more, or just that she's cool and can stand alone for a few seconds; who knows. It's entertaining to watch and if it helps, what the heck right!!
I'm still taking care of the babies and loving it!! I'm going back to school in the Spring to finish my prerequisites for nursing and then I will apply for nursing school. Chris and I figure I might as well try while we're here and then see what happens. I am really excited to go for it, and I really hope things work out.
Salt Lake is good to us most the time and we are really loving the cooler weather!!

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