Thursday, August 12, 2010

-12-...she's 3

I can't believe it....we love you sweet baby girl! You have made the last 3 years of our life AMAZING. You are a doll, an angel, and the sweetest thing to be with and around! We love you Beanie!!
Aniston was a blast on her Birthday! She was so excited, so happy to see those who came, and LOVED all the nice things people gave her! Now she is 3, and I hear it's worse than 2 so I've got myself strapped in ready for the ride!! Thank you to everyone that came, we love you all and you made Aniston's day the very best!

Birthday dinner...mac and cheese, Mickey nuggets, and green balls.
Aniston with her "cake"(I felt a bit lazy not making something, but this was a lot cuter than anything I could have made!)
Singing Happy Birthday! Aniston didn't like blowing out her candles though?!
The Birthday girl with her grandpa and grandma Corlett.

Aniston LOVED everything she was given, and you can tell by her facial expressions in EVERY picture that she was so excited!!
I was just as excited as Aniston! Her and I are going to have fun playing with all the toys!
She was even excited about the cards on her presents!
Sparkle Barbie!!!!
Colton and Aniston
This toy was the best...a laughing/rolling monkey from grandpa and grandma Corlett which had the whole party laughing!!!