Sunday, August 8, 2010


Aniston was a chatter box. She was saying lots of words, and they would get more clear all the time! She loved to watch your lips to figure out how to say things. Aniston was never really into a certain toy or blanket until she latched onto "Lolly Bear". When Aniston was 18 months, the binky broke so we had to throw it away. It wasn't a huge devastation, thank goodness! Aniston loved baths, but she wasn't a big fan of swimming pools. It took a lot to get her to relax, and she wouldn't let go of who ever had her in the pool. She was content to sit in her kiddie pool though and she did that a lot at Papa and Grammy's! Her new big thing was wearing her shades and "lips"!

Aniston always loved swinging, and could do it for hours!
Fishing with daddy

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