Sunday, August 1, 2010

Aniston Rae -01-

Aniston will be 3 on the 12th, so I wanted to remember the past 3 years and jot down some things about her each day until her BIG day!

I should probably start from the very beginning...

-the pregnancy-

Chris and I decided we were going to start trying a little after our 1 year anniversary. After a few months of -, I decided not to get my hopes up. One night (December 17, 2006) after I got off work at American Eagle(the BEST side job EVER), Chris, who is anti- testing until way after you "miss", said he thought I should take a test before I went to bed. When I saw that +, I went into shock! I scared Chris to death, and he made me promise I would NEVER act like that again. I was so overwhelmed, and there was no sane way to describe how I felt! I went to the doctor 2 days later, and asked if I could take another test. It was + too, and I was already counting down the days until we could hear the heartbeat! I felt great, until about 8 days later....I was nauseated 24-7! I rarely threw up, but when I did it was memorable. Like the time I was on River Road and puked in my lap!
I remember her heartbeat was 150 the first time we heard it. I felt her kick the first time in March, not long after the first ultrasound on March 10th. That was the day we found out she was a she! We had her name picked out before we even decided it was time for her, but we had to think about the middle name. I was put on bed rest for 3 weeks (week 34-37), for preterm labor/dehydration. Then, my mom worked me like crazy from the day I was taken off until the day she was born. My favorite part of the whole pregnancy was feeling her move, which she did A LOT! I couldn't wait to have her, I was only slightly nervous about the whole precess, and all I wanted to do was hold my sweet baby and see what and who she looked like!
My first painful contraction was at 7:30pm August 11th. They were anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes apart all night long and into the next day.

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