Monday, August 16, 2010


We got together a few days before Aniston's Birthday to celebrate with Aunt Shelbi. Shelbi brought Aniston a cake with butterflies on it(it was delish!) and a cute Birthday shirt. This year, the candles have scared Aniston?!

We had to squeeze in one more party for Aniston so that family and friends in St. George could celebrate too. We had a party for her Saturday night. She seemed overwhelmed with all the commotion and with all the Birthday stuff(3 parties was to much!), but she was excited to hang out in the swimming pool with friends and family! Everyone was so good to her and she was so excited about everything she was given. I love how easy she is to please and that she likes everything! Thanks everyone and Miss Rae I love you so much and can't believe you're 3!!
Aniston and Rob
Birthday girl...I love my sweet girl and her darling smile!

The sweets...

Ali and Aniston at the Washington County parade Saturday morning.
Cute girls! Aunt Jocelyn is in the St. George City royalty, so we went and watched her perform with the other girls Saturday afternoon.

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Ally Cox said...

Happy Birthday to Aniston! Can you believe our babies are 3?!?! Insane! The donut idea is totally cute. I will have to remember that, cause Caden loves "no-nuts!" I am glad she had such a great birthday!