Monday, August 16, 2010

my husband is bad @$$!

August has been busy. The first weekend we were up at Dear Creek with my family camping, boating, and Chris competed in BAM(Battle @ Midway)! It was busy busy and fun! We left Thursday, boated Friday morning, and then situated the bikes and prepped for the race that night. Chris did a duathlon: ran a 5k, mountain biked 9 miles, and then ran another 5k. It was hot, but he did really well. Took 5th in the bike portion! Friday morning we got Aniston up early to go set up for his Olympic Triathlon. This race scares me...water and I aren't too friendly. I was relieved when I could find Chris in the swimming crowd and I kept my eye on him the whole time he was in the water and entertained Aniston too! He killed it on the bike portion, and then finished off with the 10k run. Aniston and I tried not to cook in the sun and keep ourselves entertained(I failed, she was miserable). We went out on the boat and got Aniston on the tube when we got back from the triathlon. She loved it, for the most part! That night Chris finished off his race weekend with a 10k trail run. Yep, I know...he's bad @$$!! He completed the Bad Ass competition, he's amazing!
The Duathlon, Firday August 6th
Starting shot
Chris is the one on the bike!
Last 5k, I loved how pretty the area was! Most of the competition was in Soldier Hollow.

The Triathlon Saturday August 7th
A shot with Daddy!
taking off on his bike.
running in with Aniston

10k Saturday August 7th
Running in, the end of the races!

a shot before going out
Grammy and Aniston
Aniston and I

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