Wednesday, August 4, 2010


When Aniston was 4 months old, we moved to Salt Lake and lived with my sister and her hubby. We packed things up in one day with lots of help from family. Shanna watched Aniston for us while we loaded up, and I can remember sitting in my empty bedroom nursing her. I cried, a lot. Aniston did and still does adjust well to change. She was really great in our new home, and she absolutely loved being around Shelbi(still does!)! I started feeding Aniston baby cereal when she was 3 months because she just didn't seem satisfied in the evenings, and it helped. She liked solids! Once she learned to spit, I got a few face fulls of slobber mixed with baby food! She loved to play with her tonge and loved to spit. Aniston got her first tooth at 5 months(bottom front), was sitting up at 5 months, and was the drooliest baby! She was ALWAYS happy, all the pictures we have of her are smilely ones! Aniston was also a screamer. I remember getting so frustrated when I was trying to do things, because she would scream and scream until I would pick her up. She never let up, making it aware she was stubborn. The minute she found her voice, she made sounds all day long. Her hair had gotten really thin, and the back patch that touched whatever she was laying down on was bald. She would rub her head back and forth a lot when she laid down, so the spot took a very long time to fill in!
Packing up to move to SLC
Check out the rolls, I love how chubby she was!

Here's our smiley smiley girl!!!

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