Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I promise I don't beat my husband

Chris had a little accident this past weekend. He was due for another since his last was right before Aniston was born and the one before that was right after we found out I was pregnant. He called me last Saturday and told me he cut his face and needed stiches. I was with my Mom and Aniston at a Costco right by the new hospital. He said he could drive and meet me there, but then I remembered they are IHC and not contracted with our insurance so we couldn't go there (I won't even go there about paying an arm and a leg for insurance and not being able to go where you want). We hurried and checked out and rushed home so we could get him stiched up before it was to late. We went to an Instacare and a wierdo doctor stiched him up. He has a whoppin' 5 stiches and the black eye is now setting in. He looks abused, but I promise I didn't do it!! So I should probably tell you the story of how it all happened. He was breaking a piece of plywood (jumping on it to break it), and instead of it just kind of splitting, the piece shot up in the air and hit his cheek and split it open. Lucky me I get to take the stiches out tomorrow, and I am so excited!! I love taking stiches and staples out, and haven't done it in awhile so I am really looking forward to it. Let's hope this trend of getting hurt every 8 months stops with this injury, for everyone's sake. I'll go get a job taking out stiches to fill my need if that's what it takes.

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LadyBug Picnic said...

Jena, I am gradually get my stuff on my blogger. My website is still in the making, but you can see some of my stuff on my blog. I am gradually getting it all on there. So sorry to hear about your grandma. Hope you are doing ok. Hope Chris is ok too...funny. He is a clutso!!!!