Friday, July 1, 2011

summer chit chat

-"Mom I want this when I go to school, it's so good. Thanks for making it, it's so yummy!!" She loved the hawaiian haystacks we had for dinner and she asks me to make them almost every night!

-"Why were you mad at Daddy?" me: "I wasn't I was just cleaning up and he was upset that I was doing that instead of getting ready to take him to the van." "Oh, but he LOVES that!!"

-"Mommy, I don't have a sister do I?" me: "Nope, so you need to ask Heavenly Father if he will give you one." "Oh, well then can I go with you to ask Him?"
-"Mommy I want a brother or a sister." me: "You'll have to ask Heavenly Father, He's in charge of that." "I think Tanner and Ty can just be my brothers."
She asks us about having a brother or sister a lot. It's a good thing she has some cute friends that can be "stand-ins" until one comes our way. Pretty sure if you asked her what she wanted for her Birthday, a brother or sister would be right up there with Barbies.

Her favorite color(s): pink and sparkley and purple
Her favorite animal: horse
toy: Barbie
activities: playing with Grammy and Papa and swimming

Papa helped her get all dressed up, and then coached her on the run way

her hair is ALMOST as long as rupunzel's, that's her goal!
with a little help from Grammy, she made her bed one morning!


briwh1 said...

We love papa and the TUTU on his head!! We miss that little girl!

Bywater said...

What a little darling! Love her