Sunday, January 22, 2012

when i grow up...

When Aniston grows up, she wants to be...
a doctor
a cheerleader
a mommy
She is always asking questions about how her body works. She mastered digestion and is working on ventilation.
She talks constantly; about...
scary monsters that prevent her from going down the hall, etc.
wanting to go rock climbing???
wanting us to take her skiing
ice skating
whatever she can think to say, she is constantly talking, asking questions, telling stories, and bossing everyone around
She loves to:
go to preschool
play barbies(everywhere but in the Barbie house Santa brought her)
going shopping and helping out by getting her very own mini cart
play at Grammy and Papa's and Grandma and Grandpa Jones
NOT eat her food at meal time, but instead have snacks all day long
her favorites are: fruit snacks, apples, and ants on a log
wake up at the crack of dawn and ask for breakfast
Lately she has been:
making her own bed
helping with dusting and the dishes
going to dance class!
learning lots and lots of new things at preschool; she loves it!

Aniston also loves her pink unicorn that Daddy bought her for being good all week long!

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