Sunday, February 26, 2012

{February Fun}

Shelbi, Elsi and Scott came to visit. We did a bunch, ate a bunch, laughed a bunch, talked a bunch, and enjoyed every second...
I was doing this with Aniston and Shelbi was feeling left out, so I gave her a turn!
Elsi loves her bananas!!
Elsi and Aniston love love love each other!! Aniston had so much fun playing with Elsi, and Elsi loved when Aniston was around.

Foto Fly was quite the outing. Poor Elsi didn't like our flamboyant photographer(neither did the rest of us really), but he did get some great shots of the girls...

Grammy is the very best, especially when the girls are all tuckered out from lots and lots of photo taking.

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briwh1 said...

So stinking cute! I think we need some copies of those pictures! Miss and love you all!