Friday, August 31, 2012

5 years old

Aniston turned 5; I seriously am still in shock. She has changed so much lately and has started acting so much older and more mature(yikes!). Some things about her haven't changed, like the phrases she uses: *I just love you so much(sounds completely different from when she first started saying it). *You're the best mom/dad EVER! *I want to be just like you mom when I grow up. *Gotta go play with my Barbs. She also still requires a straw in her drink and still plays with her hair when she is tired. She's also started playing with it when she gets nervous or when she is telling a story. It's so cute and I love it!! She is also always asking for a bubble drink and wants gummie sharks anytime we're in 7-11. We have to visit the Barbie and Princess isles every time we're in Walmart or Target. More recently she: *actually likes "quiet time" but only because it usually involves a movie *says cute prayers asking to protect our hearts, for Mom/Dad to keep me in their hearts, and for a fun day *loves fruit snacks, grapes, pears, apples, peanut butter jam and white cheese sandwiches, carrots, cucumbers, yogurt-key lime pie and blueberry, and chicken *no longer likes to eat mac and cheese or chicken noodle soup because they are "too googely" *picks out her own clothes, most of the time they match and are usually pink *loves to write out words, ask what a word is and spells it to us, types her "scriptures" on the computer, and loves writing letters and then asks what the letters say *counts to 50!!!! *only wants to check out Barbie and Princess books at the library and then wants to sit and read all of them before checking them out *likes to talk about what food is healthy, how our bodies work, and will say that she's eaten way to much sugar and needs something healthy to eat *helps clean: dusts, sweeps, vacuums, puts dirty clothes in laundry, folds clean clothes-towels usually, puts her dishes in the sink, empties the dish washer-usually only the silverware *gets her own snacks using whatever she can find to knock them out of the fridge or pantry shelf(forks are her tool of choice) *MOST of her clothes bother her and she lets everyone know about it *asks me to save certain items from my closet for her to wear when she gets bigger-LOVE it!! *boosts mine and Chris' self esteem by telling us how nice we look and how cute we are *asks to wear my make-up, usually she wants a little mascara and some cheeks *loves playing games on the and the ipod-her fav is a coloring game *loves to listen to music. Aniston is so aware and she remembers so much. I cannot believe our little 5 year old knows so much and has grown up so fast. She isn't really looking forward to Kindergarten, but I have a feeling she is going to love it. At her 5 year check-up she passed with flying colors and is still in the 99% for height and weight! We're so lucky to have such a sweet, healthy, and happy girl!

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