Tuesday, September 11, 2012


{September 4, 2012}
Aniston is officially a Kindergartner. She comes home every day saying how much she loves it! She adores her teacher, and so do I, so this year will start elementary school off on the right foot!
Grammy is always good to support all that Aniston does! We were so happy she came to be with us on Aniston's first day. There were lots of theses faces throughout the day, but she willingly went into school with half of a smile. I think the anticipation put her over the edge! I was just so glad that she went in to school without any tears, I had been worried about that for weeks!
I wanted to do a fun dinner, but Aniston wasn't in the funnest mood. After she lightened up a bit, she ate her whole corner of pizza(cheese only, her fav!).

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