Saturday, March 29, 2008

She's just so dang cute!!

I am always posting pictures of Aniston and I just can't help it. Every day she just gets more cute! Chris and I just keep looking more worn out and who wants to see that. We have come to terms and we're ok with the fact that we just aren't as young and sparky as we once were. We love our little princess, and yes I just called her a princess. I swore she wouldn't be a girly girl, but I just can't help but encourage her. WOW she is DRAMA too!! This past week she has learned to SCREAM and I mean scream. It makes your ears ring and it's horrible. I went to Walmart and forgot half my stuff and it took me an hour to get everything because she would scream and I would get frazzled and forget stuff. What do I do, please help!! I calmly tell her to stop and to use her quiet voice, I have tried ignoring her, I praise her soft voice, I cover her mouth, and I try to distract her. NOTHING has helped and I don't want a screamer!! She is a VERY vocal girl so I am hoping it's just something she does so she can hear herself and use that fun voice, but I pray it doesn't continue. If it does Chris and I will be deaf, that's how loud she is.
If anyone has any suggestions please let me know ASAP. Ask the people you know too if they know what to do, I really need some help with this new issue. She's so cute and shouldn't be screaming!!

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