Thursday, March 12, 2009

We love to see the temple!!

We got to go to the Draper Temple open house last Saturday with Chris' family, and we had a really good time!! Aniston has been singing the "See Temple" song lately, so it was fun to take her and let her see the temple. She did so good, and she thought everything was "wow petty"!! Her vocabulary and her ability to express herself is just amazing to me. It was also amazing to be in a place together as a family and to feel the spirit there and know that we can be together forever.

We sang "The Wheels On The Bus" on our way back from the temple, and Aniston LOVES that song!! Her favorite part is the Mommies saying shhshhshh.

Cookie Monster!! She ate them both, just shoved 'em right in!

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sheatonio said...

Hey, I was looking through people I knew from Saint George finding old friends and came across your profile...I think I work with you at the hospital right? But I didnt know you were from St. George...well just thought I would say hi :)